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API - Non API Plan
The provided API and non API plan range helps the customers in expelling heat against the seal chamber. It functions as a vent attachment in various horizontal pumps. This range is suggested for application in clean liquids.
Air Fin Coolers
The offered cooler range is broadly requested in chemical, gas, power, petrochemical and more industries. It possesses rust safe finish, simple introduction feature and longer operational life as contrasted with other available coolers.
Cooling Coil
Our cooling coil range is employed to change the refrigerant form of a fluid into gaseous form. This is the final instrument that is introduced in cooling system to make it work in various tough conditions.
Heat Exchangers
Air conditioners and refrigerators are the best examples in which our heat exchangers are deployed. Our exchangers expel heat from a room or chamber where it's not required and transfer it away in liquid form to some different place.
Process Equipments
The offered process equipment range is obtainable in varied specifications and can be personalized as per the customers’ inclinations. It delivers proficient lubrication and cooling within the system alongside robust designed construction.
Pressure Vessels
Our pressure vessels range is tested for its effective performance, durability and reliability. Among the tests Hydrostatic testing is suggested as it is a protected technique because less energy is discharged when any fracture occurs amid the test.
Condensate Pot
Our condensate pot range is employed to cool the elevated temperature fluids within the system. This range is introduced where the line liquid is viscous or corrosion to the limit where it cannot be allowed to come in touch with secondary instruments.
Air Headers
Our air headers range is composed from tough material, for example, steel, metal, alloy and more components. It has small elements that are tough in nature for completing any complex operation.
Fire Suppression
Our fire suppression range is composed by integrating CNC machines to guarantee structural and dimensional accuracy alongside less handling requirement. It is offered alongside galvanized surface finish that ensures outstanding corrosion protection.
Instrument Fittings
The elevated performance, durability and reliability of our instrument fittings have made us prime provider in the market. These fittings are simple to introduce and demand no unique instruments in the process applications.
Ball Valve
The qualities of our ball valve range make it an outstanding option for control and shutoff usages, where it is often regarded to globe and gates valves, yet it lacks the fine regulation in different throttling applications.
Water Spray Nozzle
Our water spray nozzle range can possess more than one outlet that is also acknowledged as a compound nozzle. It varies from hefty duty to low duty spray bottles or cans.
TC Coating & Hardfacing
Our TC coating hard facing range delivers dense Coatings that oppose wear by thread and fibers. It additionally opposes erosion at greater temperatures differing from 8400C-1650C. This range is employed for thread guides.
Offshore Container
Our offshore container range delivers highlights such as rigid construction, least maintenance as well as elevated durability. It is primarily employed for keeping tools, equipment and different goods in various offshore businesses.
Furnace Burners
Our furnace burners range is normally lit through a pilot flame that itself is lit through an electrical spark same as spark plug, which functions in an engine. It comprises a pre-mixer to blend the fuel alongside the air before penetrating into the burner for higher combustion.

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